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Children's voluntary accident insurance

Children are the dearest and most valuable to their parents. None of us can continuously oversee and protect own child, warn them of danger. And how curious children are: they would always try to learn and taste everything – these acquirements are subsequently followed by injuries. At such times the most important thing for the parents is to ensure prompt rendering of professional healthcare services to the child, and buy required drugs. Children's Voluntary Accident Insurance is a solution to parents. Insurance is cheaper than healthcare expenses. 

  • 24 hour coverage;
  • Republic of Kazakhstan is a coverage territory, if the entire world is a coverage territory, a multiplying ratio shall be applied;
  • Children aged 1-17 inclusive;
  • An insured event is the accident that causes death of an Insured Person, disablement diagnosis – ‘a disabled child’, and/or temporary dysfunction of organism.
  • An indemnity is established as follows:
  • In the event of death - 100% of insurance indemnity.

In the event of assigning ‘a disabled child’ category - 60% of the sum insured.

In the event of dismemberment or trauma - 2% of the sum insured for each sick day but thirty (30) days at most per an insured event.