Voluntary health insurancefor sickness

Voluntary Health Insurance for sickness is an optimum opportunity to secure highly-skilled medical assistance in comfortable conditions at a reasonable price and avail oneself of costly types of diagnostics and treatment using cutting edge medical know-how.

Insurance Program may include the following: 

  • 24-HourCall-Center
  • Emergency Medical Care
  • Inclusion into Family Doctors’ System
  • Outpatient Care (Subspecialists’ Appointments)
  • Laboratory and Instrumental Methods of Examination
  • Manipulation Treatment
  • Physiotherapeutic Procedures
  • Massage
  • In-Patient Examination, Treatment, and Surgical Intervention
  • Dental Services
  • Cost Reimbursementfor Drug Products
  • Rehabilitation
  • Prenatal Careand Obstetrics
  • Baby (0-12 months) Home Nursing
  • Influenza Vaccination
  • Preventive Examination
  • Accident Insurance Worldwide
  • Inclusion of Family Members into Coverage

«Jýsan Garant» СК» Partners under Health Insurance Program are as follows:

  • ArchimedesKazakhstan LLP
  • SBSmed LLP

 Voluntary Health Insurance Program helps:


  • occupational incidence rate;
  • financial aid costs due to the illness of own personnel;
  • personnel primary health carecosts.


  • employee’s productivity and shorten a sick leave period;
  • companyimage.

HealthInsurance Program cost depends on a list of perils, number of insured persons and service region.

We develop a custom-tailored insurance program for each company. 

We honor every single client who trusts us its employees’ healthcare.